Untitled is a unique skills-based universal roleplaying game (RPG) system designed to provide unparalleled freedom to the storyteller and player alike, allowing players to create characters as diverse and unique as they are. There are no classes, and everything is a skill. The system is not bound to a singular world, time period or genre. Challenges are simple, as is combat, and adversaries are as easy to create as player characters.

The core system was written from the ground up, tying everything back to a unique skill progression system. Players create characters that can be finely-focused and purpose-built, or as diverse and multi-talented as they may be. There are no classes and no restrictions on skills. A set of races and some tables of typical fantasy weaponry and armor is included with the core rules, but storytellers can just as easily swap long swords for laser sabres and crossbows for sniper rifles. Armor and shields are categorized into three skill types and weapons are individually-defined skills or grouped by family. Light armor is light armor, regardless of whether it’s handcrafted leather or bullet-proof body armor.

The magic system provides freedom of expression, tied only to what the player can imagine and what the storyteller will allow. There are no tables of spells or schools of magic to worry about; instead, magic is a natural gift of The Creator that characters may wield in a variety of ways. Those who have these abilities are defined as Constructors in Untitled, so-called for their ability to construct new possibilities from the resources around them. A growth constructor might accelerate the growth of plants, heal wounds by knitting flesh together or even cause the forest to come to their aid, while one that focuses on fire will find themselves able to throw fireballs, breathe flame or shield their party from its ill effects.

Flourishes allow players to draft abilities unique to their character; whether they be martial or magical in nature. These abilities, when approved by the storyteller, can add flavor and flare to your sessions. This could be something as simple as a special move that a player might have in mind for their character, or an elaborate inheritance passed down through the bloodline for generations that might give a character a unique ability. Untitled provides a set of rules on crafting these abilities, but the storyteller will review and approve them before they can be put into play.

Gone are encumbrances such as item and coin weight or spell components. Untitled assumes players will play their characters in a relatively realistic fashion, but ultimately the storyteller has final say at the table. Storytellers have the freedom to place limits based on their genre, world and campaign setting, or ignore weight entirely.

Enchanted or magical items can be created easily, increasing character qualities or skills directly. Storytellers are free to draft enhanced items that come right out of the world they envision rather than off a page.

What do I need to get started?
A story in mind, the core rulebook, a few copies of the character sheet, pencils, dice, good friends and refreshments of your choice.

At-least 1d4, 4d6, 1d8, 1d10, 1d12, and a percentage die per player and one set for the Storyteller. As characters progress, players may wish to add dice to their set. A complete set of dice would include 4d4, 4d6, 4d8, 3d10, 2d12 and a percentage die. A d20 is not required for default play, but always check with your Storyteller as they could have something unique in mind!

What to know more?
Watch our Core Concepts video here: YouTube

Need help creating your first character?
Watch our character creation walkthrough video here: YouTube

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