Academia & Knowledges
What follows is a list of subjects and specialties that, unlike trades, would typically require a special trip to and some time spent at a university, cloister or at-least a library sometime in your character’s story. Keep in mind that for many, post-secondary education is extremely costly and rare. Record these on your character sheet as Knowledge, Skill Name: such as “Knowledge, Nature”.

Skill Name Attribute Description or Purpose
Agriculture Intelligence You know your way around a farm.
Alchemy Intelligence Pfft. Who needs Chemistry? Let’s blow stuff up!
Arcana Intelligence You have studied the unknown.
Astronomy Intelligence You know your way around the night sky.
Beasts Intelligence You have studied strange and unnatural beasts.
Biology Intelligence The study of living things.
Chemistry Intelligence The study of chemicals and their reactions.
Creatures Intelligence You have studied animals, including the rare ones!
Dungeoneering Intelligence You have studied maps to buried treasure. Arr! Wait.
Engineering Intelligence You have studied engineering at length.
General Intelligence You know how to tie your shoes!
History Intelligence You understand the general history of the world.
Literature Intelligence You are well versed in the written word of the era.
Mathematics Intelligence You are skilled at the application of numbers!
Medicine Intelligence You studied basic triage and medicine of the era.
Metallurgy Intelligence You studied the art of making new, stronger metals!
Nature Intelligence You have hugged trees, but also used them to hunt!
Philosophy Intelligence You questioned the reason for being and survived!
Rhetoric Intelligence You have a gift for the debate!
Religion Intelligence You find the study of religions fascinating!
Weather Intelligence You know your way around a cloud.