Creating Custom Races
Part of adding your own unique flare to a campaign might include creating a race unique to your adventure, region, continent or world. What follows are a few guiderails intended on guiding you through the process.

Medium Humanoid Movement 30 Base 8 Attribute Adjustments Vision / Abilities Skill Bonuses

The above race summary string is comprised of four main areas. The first is a description of the type of creature or race they are. In most cases, playable races are considered Humanoid and an entity that ranges in height from an average dwarf to a tall elf is considered Medium. Only the exceptionally small are Small and the exceptionally large, Large. There are no restrictions in Untitled based solely on height or size, but Storyteller discretion is always in-play and common sense advised.

The second area is Movement, which describes the typical movement allowed during a round.

The third area is racial Base, the starting number for all attribute scores. The majority of playable Humanoid races are Base 8, while creatures like a dragon may have a considerably higher base.

The fourth area is divided into three major components. The first being any racial core attribute bonuses or adjustments. The second being any special vision (Darkvision) or unique racial ability (Fury). The third and final being any bonuses to specific skills or bonus skill points that can be freely spent.

When designing a custom race, they should generally have a maximum of +4 bonus to attributes, vision or abilities and skill bonuses. Each attribute bonus costs one bonus point. One vision or racial ability costs two bonus points. A bonus to a specific skill or bonus skill points cost one bonus point each. Here are a few examples using the summary bar from above:

Medium Humanoid Movement 30 Base 8 Attribute Adjustments Vision / Abilities Skill Bonuses
 Example Adjustments Str +2, Vigor +2 None None
Str +2 Darkvision None
+2 to any one attribute None +2 Stealth
+1 to any two attributes None +2 Riding
+4 Str, -2 Int Darkvision None

All of the above examples comply with the recommendation in this section, providing a lot of flexibility to create custom races while maintaining some balance.