Playing the Game
In order to play Untitled there are a few core components worth defining.

• The Storyteller – The one responsible for setting the story, navigating the scenery and answering all the questions about what is around the corner. The Storyteller is the steward of the game. All interaction with the world and its story is funneled through the Storyteller, but do not be mistaken, it is often the players who weave the tale.

• Players – You and those like you at the table. Players use their imagination, seeded by the information provided by the Storyteller, to visualize the world around their character, and to realize their character’s reactions to that which is set before them.

• Characters – Each player will create a character to represent themselves within the story. This entity will have unique attributes, qualities and skills that will help determine how they interact with and succeed or fail within the tale being told. This is known as a Player Character (PC). The Storyteller will likely play a number of characters, some with a story and some improvised, and these are referred to as Non-Player Characters (NPCs).

• Campaign Setting – The creative and artistic setting usually created by the Storyteller and explored, lived, and tested by the Players and their characters. Did we say tested? Enjoyed.

These concepts and components are realized and interacted-with using a variety of tools, but most notably character sheets and dice. When a player character interacts with another, or with a non-player character, they may be asked to exercise certain skills through rolling dice. These are often referred to as skill checks, or saves. If a player wanted their character to lie for instance, the target of that interaction may have a chance to see through it. Skill checks are more common in scenarios where a player may have their character trying to track prey, pull a stuck door free, or figure out a puzzle. So have your dice ready.