Attacks of Opportunity
Characters may freely enter this threat range, however must be aware that leaving the threat range or performing certain actions within this range may provoke a response from the target. These responses are often referred to as ‘attacks of opportunity’, as actions such as waiting until you are within range to draw your weapon may put you at a disadvantage and create an opportunity for the target to attack.

Examples of actions that may provoke an attack of opportunity while within a threatened space:
• Drawing a weapon
• Consuming a potion or elixir
• Using any ranged weapon that is not designed for close range
• Using any ability that requires concentration and would thus put you at a disadvantage

In Untitled, attacks of opportunity are often considered free and do not otherwise disrupt the order of combat. They are performed when the opportunity exists and normal combat resumes thereafter. In most cases, player characters may only respond to a single opportunity per combat round. If multiple opportunities exist, the Storyteller will advise you on how you may respond.

Moving out of the threat range once inside it can be done in one of three ways. You may risk an attack of opportunity by moving freely, utilize a ‘five foot step’ to move out of the threatened space temporarily or by fleeing from combat. The latter option (flee) must be declared at the start of the round and the player must immediately consume both move actions by moving their character away from combat. They will forfeit any remaining actions for that round. Fleeing from combat is not a guarantee that combat will stop, as some attackers may give chase or attack your character at range. Take this into consideration before fleeing as this should only be used as a last resort.