Bonuses and Negatives
As a Storyteller you will find yourself in situations where you may give a bonus or a negative to player characters or non-player characters depending on a number of variables. In Untitled we will provide a number of examples, however as these tend to be situational in nature, they are not hard and fast rules but rather up to Storyteller interpretation and discretion.

The following section contains conditions that are common in other similar gaming systems and these have similar bonuses and negatives defined for use in Untitled. Other examples may include:

A character with the high-ground receives a +2 bonus to weapon skills and a +4 bonus to ranged weapon skills used at ranges greater than ten feet. Characters attempting to hit an opponent who has the high ground with melee weapons suffer a -2 penalty until they are on even ground. Ranged weapons do not suffer any penalty, however if the scenario permits the Storyteller may state that the opponent has Cover and assign a penalty at their discretion.

Usually assigned by the Storyteller when an opponent has material obstruction between them and an attacker, Cover can provide a penalty to attacks made by both melee and ranged weapons until such time as the obstruction is removed or is no longer in line of sight.