General Adventuring Equipment

Item Name Cost Description
Barrel (empty) 2 gp It’s an empty barrel typically made of wood and iron.
Basket (empty) 4 sp It’s a basket… and empty.
Bedroll 1 sp A padded sleeping accessory that makes the ground not so hard.
Bell 1 gp A small metal bell.
Blanket, winter 5 sp A thick blanket, usually made of wool, made for colder climates.
Block and tackle 5 gp A rope and pulley system used to move large things.
Bottle, wine, glass 2 gp An unassuming wine bottle made from glass.
Bucket (empty) 5 sp It’s a bucket or pale made of metal or wood. My bucket or yours?
Caltrops 1 gp A four-pronged iron spike that can be dropped to slow pursuers.
Candle 1 cp A candle dimly illuminates a 5-foot radius and burns for 1 hour.
Canvas (sq. yd.) 1 sp A piece of canvas cloth.
Case, map or scroll 1 gp It’s a case for maps! If only you had one.
Chain (10 ft.) 30 gp A ten foot section of metal chain.
Chalk, 1 piece 1 cp Good for drawing on stuff.
Chest (empty) 2 gp A fancy box with a lid made to carry something.
Crowbar 2 gp Good for prying things… or hitting them.
Firewood (per day) 1 cp Wood. That burns.
Fishhook 1 sp Going fishing?
Fishing net, 25 sq. ft. 4 gp Feeding a village?
Flask (empty) 3 cp It’s a metal and leather flask, what you fill it with is up to you…
Flint and steel 1 gp Good for setting things on fire… I mean lighting campfires.
Grappling hook 1 gp A sturdy metal hook with an eyelet for rope used for climbing.
Hammer 5 sp To hit things with…
Ink (1 oz. vial) 8 gp Ink for writing, extracted from squid or made from roots.
Inkpen 1 sp A tool that places ink onto a medium, enabling one to write.
Jug, clay 3 cp It’s a jug for storing something, made from fired clay.
Ladder, 10-foot 5 cp A wooden ladder with sufficient rungs to climb ten foot.
Lamp, common 1 sp A simple oil lamp, usually made of fired clay or metal.
Lantern, bullseye 12 gp A metal lantern fashioned with a glass lens that amplifies light.
Lantern, hooded 7 gp A metal lantern fashioned with a hood to protect it from weather.
Lock (very simple) 20 gp A common padlock made from metal with a simple mechanism.
Lock (average) 40 gp A padlock style lock made of metal with an average mechanism.
Lock (good) 80 gp A padlock style lock made of metal with a good mechanism.
Lock (amazing) 150 gp A padlock style lock made of metal that’s just super amazing!
Manacles 15 gp Restraints worn around the wrists like handcuffs.
Manacles, masterwork 50 gp Restraints worn around the wrists that are hard to get out of.
Mirror, small steel 10 gp A hunk of reflective metal for looking at yourself with… or stuff.
Mug/Tankard, wood 1 cp A drinking vessel made of wood that usually holds one pint.
Mug/Tankard, clay 2 cp A drinking vessel made of fired clay that usually holds one pint.
Mug/Tankard, metal 1 sp Enjoy the taste of metal with your draught.
Oil (1-pint flask) 1 sp Oil for lanterns fit for burning, usually made from rendered fat.
Paper (sheet) 4 sp It’s a sheet of paper – amazing stuff and rare!
Parchment (sheet) 2 sp Like paper but has a tan color and is rough in shape and texture.
Pick, miner’s 3 gp A mining tool with a pointed metal head and a wooden handle.
Pitcher, wood 1 cp Larger serving vessel made from wood. Adds a taste of pine!
Pitcher, clay 2 cp A larger vessel of fired clay typically used to serve drinks.
Pitcher, metal 1 sp A larger vessel fashioned from metal used for serving drinks.
Piton 1 sp A metal spike with an eyelet for rope to aid in climbing.
Pole, 10-foot 2 sp It’s a long pole, often used in larger tents.
Pot, metal 5 sp A large cooking vessel made from metal.
Ram, portable 10 gp A portal battering ram – because you never know when you’ll…
Rations, trail (per day) 5 sp A sustaining mix of berries, herbs, flour and dried meats.
Rope (50 ft.) 1 gp Basic rope made from horse hair or hemp.
Rope, silk (50 ft.) 10 gp Thin but strong rope said to be made from spider silk.
Sealing wax 1 gp A stick of wax that can be dripped onto important documents.
Sewing needle 5 sp A finely-crafted metal sewing needle.
Signal whistle 8 sp A whistle often used by guards to raise alarm.
Signet ring 5 gp A ring with a family crest or identifying mark.
Sledge 1 gp A big hammer for hitting things really hard.
Soap (per lb.) 5 sp Soap and bathing in general is often a luxury, though suggested.
Spade or shovel 2 gp A digging tool used in gardening, burying treasure, etc.
Spyglass 500 gp Two or more crafted magnifying lenses, within a leather sleeve.
Tent 10 gp A basic shelter that can be easily deployed, packed and moved.
Torch 1 cp A basic tool that burns oil soaked rags wrapped on a wooden bar.
Vial, ink or potion 1 gp A small glass vial suitable for storing concoctions.
Waterskin 1 gp A simple water storage device made from animal hide and horn.
Whetstone 2 cp A stone for sharpening weapons and improving their edge.