Artifacts and Magical Items
In Untitled, the word artifact is used to describe any object of unusually fine quality whose craftsmanship may have required extra knowledge outside that which is typically known; even by experts in their respective field. In general roleplaying game terms, artifacts are enhanced or magical items and may or may not imbue their bearer with abilities, attributes or skills beyond their physical capabilities.

Artifacts can be crafted, either through a special technique, design or by using alchemy in addition to the underlying skill. Most however are items of legacy; found in the ruins of long-abandoned fortresses with mysterious properties that may be hard to identify except by the extremely well-trained eye.

Sensing and Identifying
Any character is capable of sensing whether an item is enhanced, or identifying an artifact or magical item, provided that they succeed in passing a Steadfast skill check. The item itself, or its enhancement, is assigned a Difficulty Rating such as a Novice Normal. Refer to the Difficulty Rating section of the Skills chapter for more information. An item may have more than one enhancement and each enhancement can have its own difficulty rating, meaning that a single check may identify one but not all enhancements.

Attempting to identify an item costs one point of Faith per attempt, per item. Attempting to identify three pieces of armor, two rings and a sword will cost a total of six Faith. The player whose character is making the attempt will roll for each item separately.

Constructors may roll the skill dice associated with their highest Constructor skill as a bonus to identifying items, at an additional cost of one Faith per item and on a per item basis. There may be items that stands out as particularly powerful, where a Constructor is needed to properly identify them. Constructors may add up-to their skill level in the associated skill when rolling their dice, following the same rules as when otherwise using their abilities. For each skill level added as a bonus, one additional point of Faith is required.

The ability of sensing enhancements or enchantments is not limited to items and can be used as ‘sense magic’ in other similar games. When used this way, a single point of Faith is consumed. The Storyteller may respond with a simple yes or no, or elaborate at their discretion.

Creating Items and Artifacts
A Storyteller may create items of high value or artifacts of quality for use in their campaigns and these items may provide bonuses to the skills or attributes of any character that can equip or utilize them. These items may appear magical to some, but they do not have to be; they may simply be items of exceptional value or craftsmanship.

Some examples might be an exceptional sword with an edge that never seems to dull. Because of the craftsmanship and the metal used in its production, it provides a bonus of +1 Damage to its bearer. While an exceptional piece of armor could just as easily provide a bonus to Combat Defense or to the amount of damage it is capable of mitigating. Rings are also popular and easy to wear! Rings are often perceived as magic because they are simply rings, but it is easy to see how a particularly elegant ring might aid in diplomacy by elevating the status of its bearer or one with a certain emblem might aid in intimidation.

Items of any type can be enhanced or enchanted at the discretion of the Storyteller and their effects may be immediate, delayed or situational, fleeting or lasting, increasing or decreasing any attribute, quality, skill or roll in the game. Untitled also allows for non-items to be enhanced or enchanted, such as a tattoo or temporary marking.