Armor provides a chance for damage mitigation or reduction when a successful attack has been made against a character and damage is imminent. The attacker will roll their damage dice and announce the incoming damage. If so equipped, the defender may then roll the dice associated with their Armor skill to see if that number is reduced or eliminated. The result from the Armor dice roll is deducted from the incoming damage total and the result is the final damage the defender subtracts from their Health pool.

In Untitled there are three basic armor types and a skill associated with each. Each armor type provides a different level of damage mitigation and is advanced separately. A player must spend at-least one skill point in the skill that matches their chosen Armor type in order to be able to roll.

Skill Name Attribute Description or Purpose
Armor, Light Agility Cloth Leather, general purpose lightweight.
Armor, Medium Strength Hide, Chain and Ring mail of reasonable weight.
Armor, Heavy Vigor Plate or otherwise solid and heavy armors!


Damage Mitigation
Upon a successful hit, the defender may roll the following dice to determine the amount of damage mitigated or absorbed by their armor.

Skill Level Armor, Light Armor, Medium Armor, Heavy
1-4 1d4 1d6 1d8
5-10 2d4 2d6 2d8
11-15 3d4 3d6 3d8
16-18 4d4 4d6 4d8



Skill Level Armor, Light Armor, Medium Armor, Heavy
1-4 Stamina -5 Stamina -7 Stamina -10
5-10 Stamina -3 Stamina -5 Stamina -7
11-15 None Stamina -3 Stamina -5
16-18 None None None

Both the benefit and the impact of wearing armor is negated as soon as the armor is removed from a character, but the opposite is also true: the benefit and the impact to a character’s stamina pool is applied as soon as armor is equipped. If there is not enough stamina in the pool for the armor to be equipped, the player will have two choices: they may either remove the armor from their character and wait, or they may instead apply the exhausted condition until such time as they once again have stamina available.

If either medium or heavy armor is worn while resting, stamina regenerates at half its normal rate. A full night’s rest will only recoup half of the character’s stamina pool instead of all of it. Also note that both medium and heavy armor types require both time and concentration to equip, making doing-so in battle subject to storyteller discretion; you may not be able to equip your armor or doing-so may give your enemy an advantage.