Nature and the Supernatural
Every entity within Untitled is defined partly by their physical core attributes, such as Strength, Agility, Intelligence, Virtue and Vigor. These Character Attributes help define their capabilities in life and are key to their potential. In Untitled, every skill is tied to a core or controlling attribute and the value of that attribute defines the maximum for all linked skills.

Strength (STR)
Strength measures your character’s muscle and physical power. This attribute is especially important for fighters because it controls the maximum for many combat-related skills.

Agility (AGI)
Agility measures hand-eye coordination, reflexes, and balance. This ability is especially important for light fighters such as the more roguish among you and anyone who wants to be a skilled archer.

Intelligence (INT)
Intelligence determines how well your character learns and reasons. This ability is important for sages, historians and players of all types, as it is tied to many applied skills, trades and all knowledges.

Virtue (VIR)
Virtue determines a character’s ability to become a constructor, their capacity for the supernatural and their susceptibility to coercion, corruption and mental strains and stresses. It is the measure of ones will.

Vigor (VIG)
Vigor measures your character’s overall physical prowess or health, their stamina and susceptibility to strain, poison and disease. It is important for all characters, but especially for the more combat oriented.

It is important to note that some items found in your adventures can enhance these attributes beyond their natural base, thus increasing the maximum of tied skills, pools and abilities. Once a player character has reached the maximum in a skill, they may also opt to spend skill points to increase attributes by training them as they would a skill. This is explained in more detail under Advancement.

Some attributes combine to provide pools of fuel which can be consumed in different ways, within and without combat. In Untitled, there are three primary pools:

Health Points (HP)
Health is the sum of Strength and Vigor and provides an indicator of your character’s overall condition during combat. Characters with low health are usually described as beaten and bruised, even bloodied. Characters who fall to or below zero health will be subject to conditions and may eventually die. If a character has invested skill points in Character Qualities, add the skill level (not points spent) to the HP pool.

Stamina (STA)
Stamina is the sum of Agility and Vigor and provides a pool of resources that can be consumed by combat actions referred to as flourishes or combat tactics. Stamina is also reduced by armor and shield use at lower skill levels, so ensure you take this into account. Characters who consume all of their stamina will become exhausted.

Faith is the product of Intelligence and Virtue and provides a pool of resources that are consumed by characters in different ways. Constructors utilize faith when using their ability to influence the environment around them, such as drawing up flames from a candle into a fireball and lobbing it at an enemy.

In addition to the five core Character Attributes that define the potential of a character and the maximum for linked skills, there are five qualities that are skills themselves. These Character Qualities both empower and protect the character, determine responses to stresses and in some cases define what they can and cannot accomplish. Unlike the core attributes, qualities must be honed over time and are advanced by spending skill points just as any other skill.

Brawn is a measurement of how your character applies their Strength. It is employed to complete tests of Strength, such as bursting rope or knocking down doors, to grapple foes or break free.

Reflex is the measurement of how your character moves, their quickness and dexterity. It is called upon to test whether a character avoids a pitfall or triggers a deadly trap, as well as who moves first in combat.

Prudence is how well your character translates acquired knowledge into wisdom, how they apply common sense and how well they observe and judge situations. Prudence may be tested in tough negotiations.

Steadfast is the intersection of Virtue and your character’s Will that may be employed to resist a silver-tongued bard or aid your character against a rogue Constructor.

Fortitude is your character’s overall physique or health and governs both their susceptibility to poison and disease, and their response to attempted intimidation. Characters who handle poisons, routinely dispatch diseased creatures, or adventure in tombs and crypts should spend time developing this quality.

The player may add the sum of the skill level of all five qualities to their characters total Health pool.