Tools of the Trade
In order to play Untitled, a player will need a few odds and ends: tools of the trade one might say. The main tools here are the dice. Each player should be encouraged to bring with them the following items:

• This rulebook, and any reference or supporting material for their character.
• Character Sheets.
• Pens, Pencils, Markers, or their preferred writing device.
• At-least one d4, four d6, two d8, one d10 and a percentage die.
• Good humor and, optionally, a fake accent that fits their character.
• Chips, salsa, and the occasional tasty treat.

Dice will vary depending on the skill level characters possess and, as characters gain skill levels, players will need to add a few dice to their collection. A complete dice set for Untitled might consist of two d4, four d6, two d8, three d10, two d12 and a percentage die. Untitled does not utilize a d20, though having one may prove useful in certain scenarios where a higher level of randomness may be desired.

Consult your Storyteller if you have any questions about what dice you should bring.

Now lean forward a bit and begin to imagine your character’s part in the story. Put the phone on vibrate, or silence it entirely, and try not to chew too loudly. Envision the scene and allow your imagination to paint the periphery.