Buying and Selling
Assigning values to items can be difficult sometimes, but there are many resources available to give you an idea of how to price things. Your best gauge is your players after all, and shop keepers are always likely to start a little high and haggle. For you as the Storyteller, this is just one more avenue to have fun with your players.

For lists of example equipment, see the Equipment section. What follows is a table of some of the common goods and services your world may offer to characters along their adventure.

Item Cost   Item Cost
Ale     Dog, guard 25 gp
     Gallon 2 sp   Dog, riding 150 gp
     Mug 4 cp   Donkey or mule 8 gp
Banquet (per person) 10 gp   Horse, heavy 200 gp
Bread, per loaf 2 cp   Horse, light 75 gp
Cheese, hunk of 1 sp   Pony 30 gp
Inn stay (per day)     Warhorse, heavy 400 gp
     Good 2 gp   Warhorse, light 150 gp
     Common 5 sp   Warpony 100 gp
     Poor 2 sp      
Meals (per day)     Saddlebags 4 gp
     Good 5 sp   Saddle, Military 20 gp
     Common 3 sp   Saddle, Pack 5 gp
     Poor 1 sp   Saddle, Riding 10 gp
Meat, chunk of 3 sp      
Wine     Hireling, trained 3 sp per day
     Common (pitcher) 2 sp   Hireling, untrained 1 sp per day
     Fine (bottle) 10 gp      
      Messenger 2 cp per mile
Animal Feed (per day) 5 cp      
Animal Stabling (per day) 5 sp      
Coach cab 3 cp per mile      
Ship’s passage 1 sp per mile      
Road or gate toll 1 cp