The following list is not intended to be complete but merely a starting-point for most fantasy settings.

Light Armor

Padded A light construct of multiple layers of cloth forming a protective layer.
Leather An armor product made from tanned and shaped animal leathers.
Studded Leather armor that has been reinforced with metal studs.
Chain Shirt A shirt made of welded or riveted metal loops that protects vital organs.

Medium Armor

Hide Thicker than leather, hide armor is more protective and often decorative.
Scale Mail Armor made by attaching metal petals together like the scales of a dragon.
Chainmail A more complete covering of armor made from riveted metal loops.
Breastplate A solid metal plate that is formed to fit over the bearer’s chest.

Heavy Armor

Splint Mail Leather armor outfitted with rectangular metal plates placed closely together.
Banded Mail Made from metal plates formed and then fitted so that they tightly overlap.
Half-Plate Solid metal armor made for its bearer, covering the major vital areas.
Full Plate Solid metal armor made for its bearer, covering all exposed skin.