While Untitled is a universal system, fantasy games have long supported common races in a variety of settings and Untitled is no different. In addition to the more common or typical races, Untitled also includes a handful of unique races from our base world, Havrion, that we hope you will enjoy.

Each race page will contain a description that may specify unique racial traits or attribute adjustments that should be applied during character creation, but after a player has rolled for and recorded their initial attributes. What follows are short descriptions of each playable race included with Untitled.

Dwarves: Short and stocky defenders of mountain fortresses are often seen as stern and humorless. Known for mining the earth’s treasures and crafting magnificent items from ore and gemstones.


Elves: Tall, noble, and often haughty, Elves are long-lived and subtle masters of the natural world. A private and often introverted race, Elves oft give the impression they are indifferent to other races.


Gnomes: Small folk with a reputation for flighty and eccentric behavior. Many gnomes are whimsical artisans and tinkers but have an insatiable need for new experiences that often gets them in trouble.


Half-Elves: A race of both grace and contradiction. Their dual heritage and natural gifts often create brilliant diplomats and peacemakers, but half-elves are often susceptible to an intense and even melancholic isolation, realizing that they are never truly part of elven or human society.


Half-Orcs: Often fierce and savage, sometimes noble and resolute, half-orcs can manifest the best and worst qualities of their parent races. Many half-orcs struggle to keep their more bestial natures in check in order to epitomize the most heroic values of humanity.


Halflings: A diminutive race that finds strength in family, community, and their own innate and seemingly inexhaustible luck. With their fierce curiosity, Halflings are eternal optimists and cunning opportunists with an incredible knack for getting out the worst situations.


Humans: Ambitious, sometimes heroic, and always confident, humans have an ability to work together toward common goals that makes them a force to be reckoned with. Though short-lived compared to other races, their boundless drive allows them to accomplish much in their brief lifetimes.


Kitsune: Vulpine shapeshifters known for their loyalty, but also their cunning and fiendish trickery.


Orcs: Strength in chaos and savagery; Orcs are aggressive, callous, and domineering. Bullies by nature, they respect strength and power as the highest virtues and are viewed as violent brutes by most others.


The Alarians: Alarians are a humanoid race that had been successfully hidden from the world for thousands of years. They appear human except for a shimmer on their skin and eyes.


The Alatari: A curious flightless but winged race divided by the day and night, bird and bat. Curious collectors, talented songwriters and eclectic explorers, the Alatari often make cheerful companions.


The Fen: Oft mistaken as half-elves, many Fen never harken to the power of their own blood, yet within it lay a gift long forgotten: transformation. Half-man, half infectious beast.


The Kultharr: Two reptilian humanoid peoples, one lost in the past and the other yearning to progress.


The Nephilar: Twisted by darkness or glowing with other-worldly grace, the Nephilar are ancient and often hidden covenants made manifest in the flesh. Being a blessing or a curse is entirely relative.


The Volarthi: A race of many tribes of peoples, the Volarthi are anthropomorphic animals given new form and intelligence by The Creator. They are capable hunters, gatherers, alchemists and scholars.

Creating a custom race is easy, just check with your Storyteller! Or learn how in the Storytelling section.