Base 8, +2 to any one attribute, Bonus Skill Points: 2

Elves have long drawn the covetous gazes of other races. Their generous life spans, and inherent grace each contribute to the admiration or bitter envy of their neighbors. Of all their traits, however, none so entrance their Human associates as their beauty. Since the two races first came into contact with each other, Humans have held up elves as models of physical perfection, seeing in the fair folk idealized versions of themselves. For their part, many elves find humans attractive despite their comparatively barbaric ways, drawn to the passion and impetuosity with which members of the younger race play out their brief lives.

Sometimes this mutual infatuation leads to romantic relationships. Though usually short-lived, even by Human standards, these trysts can lead to the birth of Half-Elves, a race descended of two cultures yet inheritor of neither.

Those who are lucky enough to be kept often grow up on the outskirts of either society, never truly integrating or contributing except to themselves. A precious few are adopted into the culture of their elders and allowed to live normal lives unrepentant for how they came to be. Those who are discarded, abandoned at the doorstep of strangers thought better prepared or of the church, oft spend their time between labor and study, wishing for or cursing parents they will never again see. Half-Elves can come from a diverse array of backgrounds and provide an equally diverse set of takes on the world.

Half-Elves stand taller than Humans on average, but shorter than the average Elf, with a common height being just over six foot tall. Many inherit the lean build and sharp features of their Elven lineage, but find their skin color is dictated by the Human parent. Half-elves retain the pointed ears of Elves, though theirs are more rounded and less pronounced. A Half-Elf’s human-like eyes tend to range in a spectrum of exotic colors from amber or violet to emerald green and deep blue.

Life and Longevity
Half-Elves often find themselves between cultures, born of both yet accepted by neither, but those who have access to education take full advantage of it. While society may never be fully-accepting of Half-Elves, many will live half-again as long as the average human and some may live up-to two-hundred years of age.

Half-Elves often grow up with the native language of those around them, and some never progress further than a common trade tongue. But Half-Elves are capable of becoming exceptional polyglots.

A half-elf understands loneliness, and knows that character is often less a product of race than of life experience. As such, half-elves are often open to friendships and alliances with other races, and less likely to rely on first impressions when forming opinions of new acquaintances.

The lack of any single unified homeland or culture allows half-elves to remain versatile, able to adapt to nearly any environment. Half-Elves rarely fit in with either Humans or Elves, often preferring the metropolitan mix of races observed in many cities across the lands.