Does your character know any other Languages? Consult your Storyteller to see if there is a trade language in your campaign. In most cases this trade language is simply referred to as Common, and it is generally assumed that every character can read, write, and speak it. Some may not.

Characters also generally speak their own racial language in addition to Common, such as Elves speaking Elvish, or Volarthi speaking Vol. Characters may learn additional languages outside of these two base languages by assigning points to the Linguistics skill. For every skill level in Linguistics, a character may learn a new language. Not every language may be available, so always consult your Storyteller.

Common Trade language of the realm   Celestial Language of The Creator
Elven Silken and eloquent   Draconic Language of The First Ones
Dwarven Robust and hardy, but it flows   Abyssal Language of The Fallen Ones
Sylvan Language of the Ancients   Vol Language of the Volarthi
Orc A gruff guttural language   Crol’al Language of the Kultharr