The Alarians
Base 8, Virtue +1, Reinvigorate, Charming

Alarians are a humanoid race that hid away from the world at large for thousands of years, cloistered on a small, protected island in the middle of a great ocean. Their lives were spent in peace for the majority of their existence, cut off from the rest of the fallen world. They often have a jovial nature about them, and strive to do good without much thought for themselves. They are generally selfless and brave, though are inherently human and prone to the same wide range of vices that all humans are vulnerable to.

Physical Description
Alarians are a diverse and varied people, despite their smaller social circle and living in seclusion for thousands of years. Their bodies can range from meek to strong, from short to tall, and from light to dark. In all ways, they appear to be human, except that their skin seems to give off a soft glimmer, and their eyes are always brightly colored with an otherworldly sheen to them. These effects can be subdued by the Alarian if they wish to blend in with humans, after which they cannot be differentiated.

They are more often than not considered beautiful and noble, and their presence has been known to awe other mortal races. They have also on occasion been confused with the Maloki of the Nephilar race, though the two peoples share no common lineage.

Alarians reach the age of maturity at thirty years, after which the aging process seems to cease. They begin to show signs of old age at around five hundred years old, and generally can live up to around six hundred to seven hundred years old. Offspring between Alarians and races with a short lifespan will generally shorten their longevity by half, although never less than around one hundred and fifty years.

Alarians are adept at speaking many languages, including the common trade language. They often speak at least one additional language in addition to their own native tongue: Alarin.

Upon leaving their protected island of Alaria, Alarians have immersed themselves into society with great effect. Their noble demeanor tact for handling political intrigue has resulted in many gaining positions of leadership, and they are many times revered by those that come into contact with them.

Many disguise their true heritage in order to pass as human so that they may come and go without drawing added attention. Some Alarians hold positions of power and nobility, such as Kings and Queens, intending to rule fairly and justly; while others have succumbed to the darkness of the world and rule as dictators; ruthless and cold, seeing those around them as little more than pawns. Most, however, have simply entered the world with great ambition and admiration, and can be found in all facets of society.

While most Alarians hide their lineage, they are deemed trustworthy and revered by most races and commoners, even when parading as human. Their charisma and presence can lead to admiration, but also at times, jealousy. People in positions of power have been known to react aggressively against Alarians, who they see as potential threats and usurpers.

Alarians are adventurers and nomads by nature due to the intricacies of their origin. As pioneers and purveyors of knowledge, they seek to understand life and the ways of the different cultural races that exist in Havrion. They usually do not seek adventure for glory or treasures, but often end up with it nonetheless.

Racial Traits and Abilities
Alarians have two unique racial abilities that they may use once per in-game day.

Reinvigorate Once per day, an Alarian can meditate for ten minutes to focus on their inner spirit and allow them to restore half of their maximum faith OR stamina.
Charming Once per day, an Alarian can use their charm and presence to affect a character’s judgement or demeanor, making them behave friendlier toward them. How this interaction plays out is up to the Storyteller but in general, a neutral character will be obliged to tell the truth or offer to help in some small way (hide or provide lodging), or it may convince them that the Alarian is peaceful and not a threat.


If the target is hostile, the player must beat the target on a head-to-head Steadfast challenge. Both parties roll the skill dice associated with their skill level in Steadfast and the highest result wins. Should the player succeed, the hostile target will likely rethink their hostilities and become more neutral for a period of one game day or as the Storyteller allows. Ties go to the defender, nullifying the effect in the case of a tie.


If the target is currently engaged in battle, the effect is slightly different. The player must beat the target on a head-to-head Steadfast roll. If successful, the target becomes doubtful and will receive a negative two (-2) on weapon skill rolls against the player character. This penalty does not apply to attacks targeting other player characters.