The years-long journey to create Untitled began with a desire to be inclusive of anyone who came to the table. It started by acknowledging that differing people may have differing convictions, and so we created a collection of house rules that sought to remove many of the common points of contention and encumbrances that kept people from enjoying the game. Over the years this collection of house rules developed into an entire system aimed at enabling the next generation of role-playing game players to create and enjoy characters that are as unique and diverse as they are.

Untitled does this by offering a unique character creation, development and advancement system that enables players to create characters who participate in their world using skills, with no arbitrary limits on which skills their characters may possess. Everything in the system is a skill, allowing for characters to be true masters of one, or generalists who master none.

Like the histories long ago recorded, burned and raised from the ashes, so too will new heroes rise to write history anew. Reclaiming the lost tales to seize their future in a limitless world of imagining. Yet these stories, they always begin… Untitled.

The base world of Untitled is Havrion, a beautiful world not unlike our own, filled with continents and lands waiting to be discovered and explored. Characters of all sorts, and from every race, color and creed populate it, and there may remain references to this world throughout this document. You may however set your game in any world you prefer, even your own, and while the weapons, armor, and equipment contained herein are examples of those found in typical high or medieval fantasy settings, they can just as easily be replaced with laser pistols, energy weapons, bullet-proof vests, and utility belts.

Untitled may be played and enjoyed with as few as two people, or as many as the organizer (known as the Storyteller) can manage to track. The Storyteller is the person who sets the background, or starts the story, guiding players into a world and enveloping them in descriptions of a reality envisioned by our imagination. Group sizes will vary, but most are between three and six players and a Storyteller.

Players are not encumbered by weight, nor burdened by extra rules governing weapons that are piercing, slashing, or blunted, or the hardness of the material they are made from. Also, Characters are guided by their player, and not by an alignment system that forces them to conform to a set of expectations rigidly defined as either good or evil, lawful or chaotic. Untitled does not preclude Storytellers who wish to include these aspects in their game, but does not require doing-so.

The magic system provides freedom of expression, tied only to what the player can imagine and what the storyteller will allow. There are no tables of spells or schools of magic to worry about. Instead, magic is a natural gift of The Creator that characters may wield in a variety of ways. Those who have these abilities are defined as Constructors in Untitled, so-called for their ability to construct new possibilities from the resources around them. A growth constructor might accelerate the growth of plants, heal wounds by knitting flesh together or even cause the forest to come to their aid, while one that focuses on fire will find themselves able to throw fireballs, breathe flame or shield their party from its ill effects. Use of magic is organic, and often freeform in-play, with Faith as its fuel and the Storyteller as its check and balance.

Flourishes are an extension of our Combat Tactics skill, and allow players to craft unique abilities all their own. These flourishes are written by the player, reviewed and approved by the Storyteller, and may consume Faith, Stamina, or both as their fuel.

There is only one true deity, The Creator. Though there may be as many false deities, religions, and cultist followers, as the Storyteller may require for a given campaign setting or story.