Curious Creations

In Untitled, we seek to empower the Storyteller to not be bound by massive tables of text but free to create items unique to their story. The system is also flexible enough to allow for most items from other sources to be used with Untitled. What follows is a table of items of a curious nature, familiar to some, to serve as examples:

Enhanced Items

Name Description
+1 Longsword A finely-crafted Longsword as beautiful as it is sharp. Equipping and using this weapon in combat adds +1 damage upon a successful strike.
+1 Leather Armor Leather armor that has been hardened, adding a +1 to the roll associated with the skill level of its bearer when mitigating incoming damage.


Enchanted Items

Name Description
Boots of Webwalking A very special pair of leather boots or foot straps that allow their bearer to walk on walls, even ceilings, as a spider on its web. Duration is variable, the result of a roll of the dice associated with the character’s Steadfast quality. This roll determines the minutes of use available for that game day, used in whole minute increments.
Cords of Strength A pair of intricate leather bracelets that are meant to be worn on the upper arm to increase a character’s Brawn by an amount set by the Storyteller.
Everburning Torch A rather simple-looking torch that can never be extinguished. When a player removes the damp wrapping, the torch produces both heat and light as a normal torch. Good illumination for a 20-ft radius around the character wielding it and shadowy illumination at a 40-ft radius.
Neverempty Quiver A large leather quiver that never seems to run out of arrows.
Ring of Health, Lesser An enchanted ring of lapis lazuli caged in silver that increases the health pool of its bearer by half of their Vigor attribute.
Ring of Health This golden ring still bears the lapis jewel of its lesser counterpart, but increases the health pool of they that wear it by their Vigor attribute.
Ring of Defense A rugged but simple to craft ring enchanted with alchemical silver that increases the Combat Defense of its bearer by one.
Shirt of Many Garments A simple undergarment that consumes Faith in order to allow a character to freely change the appearance of their clothing. Each use requires one Faith. It does not change appearance of armor meant to be worn over clothing, weapons or other equipped items.
Unburdening Beltpouch A simple looking pouch meant to be worn on a belt that seems much larger on the inside, allowing for the near-limitless storage of items capable of fitting through its opening. Larger bags and even sacks have been rumored to exist.

Cursed Objects
It is important to note that not all objects an adventurer might find were created by the well-intentioned, and that some could impose negative modifiers upon the character who wears them or worse. One example might be a sword that talks – but refuses to engage in combat. Another might be a ring that allows a character to survive without consuming food or water, but prematurely ages them should it ever be removed. The object may also appear as one thing but actually do another, such as a belt that purports to increase Brawn, but instead decreases it by the stated amount. All of this is at the Storyteller’s discretion.