Resistance and Hardening
It is possible that Armor, Shields and even weapons can be hardened against specific types of damage, imbuing those so equipped with special resistance bonuses. For instance, a piece of armor could be considered light but also lined with a material resistant to fire, and wearing such an item would provide its bearer additional mitigation should they take damage from a flaming weapon or manifestation.

A shield might be made of a metal so hard that it gives its bearer a bonus to defense that may be added to the result of the player’s normal roll. A weapon might be so sharp that it provides a bonus to damage, or even blessed such that it provides an extranormal bonus to defense against oppression or a certain type of constructor manifestation.

There could be a bow imbued such that arrows knocked and fired from it seek their target, giving the wielder a special bonus toward their ranged combat form.

These types of items fall into the category of artifacts or magical items and may be found in the world your character inhabits at the sole discretion of the Storyteller. But beware, not all items that seem blessed can be trusted; some may be cursed. But who doesn’t love a talking sword anyway?