Weapon Families
The following table provides a list of some common weapon families to get players started.

Skill Name Attribute Description or Purpose
Close Range Blades Agility Daggers and other extremely short range weapons.
One Handed Blades Strength One handed swords and other light weapons.
Two Handed Blades Strength Two handed swords and other heavier weapons.
One Handed Blunt Strength Weapons, like hammers, that crush rather than cut.
Two Handed Blunt Strength Bigger crushing weapons that require two hands.
Polearms Strength Polearms, Lucerne Hammers and similar weapons.
Martial Arts Agility Using your fists and feet as mighty weapons.
Archery Agility Short and Longbows.
Archery, Mechanical Strength Crossbows.
Thrown Strength Thrown weapons like darts or daggers.
Trap Intelligence Weapons that entrap or ensnare, like nets.

The cost to advance an entire family of weapons at once is double that of advancing a single weapon, but allows using any weapon within that family at the same skill level.