Corruption replaces the Virtue attribute when a foe is unmistakably evil and any rule that requires Virtue as an attribute component will use its Corruption value instead. When a character encounters a particularly corrupt foe, the very core of their person may be negatively impacted even to the point of compelling them to stillness or to run. When this occurs, the mechanic is described as Oppression, and long-term exposure will have immediate and may have lasting consequences. Oppression is an area effect and radiates from a source.

It manifests as a ‘gut feeling’ of something being wrong or a reluctance to go in a certain direction. In extreme cases, where the source of Oppression is particularly powerful, characters could be figuratively frozen in fear, feel compelled to run or simply become unable to act. Intangible effects are at the Storyteller’s discretion; however, the use of the mechanic is governed by the rule below.

When a source of significant corruption is nearby, the Storyteller may ask for a character’s Virtue attribute score. If the Corruption score of the source is higher than the character’s Virtue, the Storyteller may assess a negative modifier to one or more of the following:

• The character’s Faith pool
• Increased cost for skills associated with Virtue
• Skill checks for skills associated with Virtue
• Uses of skills, such as a negative to attack or defense

The negative modifier is at the discretion of the Storyteller, but is typically based on the difference between the source Corruption value and the character’s Virtue attribute. If a character has a Virtue of 12, but the source has a Corruption value of 15, the resulting negative modifier should be -3.

If a character exhausts their pool of Faith while in the presence of Corruption, or the amount of oppression is so significant as to overwhelm a character’s available Faith pool, the character gains the Oppressed condition.

A character who gains the Oppressed condition will keep their previously assessed negative modifier for all skills related to Virtue, and will recuperate Faith at half rate, until such time as the character fully regains their Faith pool.