We are not always in control of what we fear or how much that fear affects us. A suggested but optional component of character creation is the assessment of phobias for your character, which is done through a series of dice rolls which determine first the severity of the fear and the subject there-of.

These are intended to be fun challenges that add additional flavor to the character and do not necessarily have to be shared with the other members of the group.

When directed by the Storyteller, roll a single six-sided dice (1d6) followed by two ten-sided dice (2d10).

The single six-sided dice will determine the severity at random as per the table below.

1 Moderate 4 Moderate
2 Severe 5 Severe
3 Light 6 Light

The two ten-sided dice will then determine the aversion to which the severity applies.

1 11 Heights
2 Water 12 Snakes or worms
3 Being alone 13 Blood
4 Crowds 14 Reptiles or lizards
5 To touch another person or being touched 15 Birds
6 Dead things 16 Slimy or oily substances
7 Being trapped or being in confined spaces 17 Mist or Fog
8 Darkness 18 Germs
9 Spiders or Insects 19 Horses
10 Rodents 20 Getting rid of or losing things


Should the player feel that the random phobia truly does not fit their character and would interfere with the enjoyment of the game, the Storyteller may handle this as they see fit. Players are encouraged to be open to the idea of taking on at-least one phobia to add additional depth to their character and the way that they interact with the campaign world.

One suggestion in dealing with a rejected phobia may be that the Storyteller roll for a phobia in secret and then allow the player to swap with the Storyteller, on the condition that they must keep whatever the result is.