The cycle of life in one form or another is almost always a certainty; things are born, they age and eventually die. Therefore, age can be an important decision, though it is of more or less importance depending on the race you have chosen for your character.

The following table is intended to aid you in randomizing the starting age of a character.

Race Adulthood Trained
Dwarf 40 years +5d6
Elf 100 years +6d6
Gnome 16 years +5d6
Half-Elf 18 years +2d6
Half-Orc 14 years +1d6
Halfling 20 years +3d6
Human 15 years +1d6
Kitsune 15 years +1d6
Orc 12 years +1d6
The Alatari 15 years +2d6
The Kultharr 12 years +1d6
The Nephilar 16 years +1d6
The Volarthi Peoples 15 years +1d6

The following table is intended to aid you in properly placing the age of a character.

Race Middle Aged Old Venerable Maximum Age
Dwarf 125 188 250 250+2d% years
Elf 200 300 400 400+4d% years
Gnome 100 150 200 200+3d% years
Half-Elf 62 93 125 125+3d20 years
Half-Orc 30 45 60 60+2d10 years
Halfling 50 75 100 100+5d20 years
Human 35 53 70 70+2d20 years
Kitsune 200 400 600 600+4d% years
Orc 20 30 40 40+1d20 years
The Alatari 20 30 40 50+1d20 years
The Kultharr 35 50 60 60+1d20 years
The Nephilar 50 100 125 125+3d20 years
The Volarthi Peoples 25 40 70 70+2d20 years

Keep in mind that if your character will be either very young or very old for their race, you should consult your Storyteller to understand what this may mean for the campaign ahead. The maximum age, and the effects of age on a character, is always subject to Storyteller discretion.

Untitled has no penalties or detractors based solely upon age, however your Storyteller may.

The tables above are guidelines and may differ from your campaign.