The Fen
Base 8, +1 to any two attributes, Bonus Skill Points: 2

Named for the father of wolves in human mythology, the Fen are humanoid in default form but have sharp facial features and elongated pointed ears. Many Fen are often mistaken for half-elves, and while the legacy of their people runs far deeper, it is nearly forgot. Those who still speak of them, describe the Fen as a curse from the old world that corrupts the heart of man and haunts the night on the full moon.

Language, Life, and Longevity
Reproduction is the same as with humans, with two biological sexes and live birth. Those who live to adulthood, often live half again as long as humans, with lifespans of nearly two hundred years rare but possible. They age in appearance similar to humans, though at half speed. Many speak only one language, the trade language of the land, though polyglots are not unheard of.

Though Fen do not possess a Religion or Philosophy uniquely their own, many worship The Creator and remain lawful. The Fen are also too few in number to form their own societies or government, often integrating into whatever society they find themselves in or near. Some walk among men knowing not the power of their own blood, though those that do are often haunted by the terrible transformation of a lover or close friend and turn to a more nomadic way of life to prevent such an event from happening to others. Some have gone feral and choose to live among those they may have infected.

Racial Traits and Abilities
The Fen are natural shifters; meaning that they can transition between a human-like form passing for a half-elf, a hybrid form in the shape of an anthropomorphic wolf, and the shape of a dire wolf at will. All carry the disease lycanthropy in their bodily fluids. With sufficient exposure, the uninfected will succumb to the disease. The disease may be prevented by ingesting Wolfsbane herb before the next full moon.

Humanoid Hybrid Animal
Appearing half-elf, with clean sharp features, other-worldly eye colors and elongated ears. This is the form many Fen default to, finding shelter and prosperity amongst other races. Most commonly mistaken for a werewolf, hybrid form is a cross between animal and humanoid characteristics. Hybrid form enables the use of a powerful jaw and sharp claws as natural attacks, and provides bonuses to strength-based skills but at the cost of some intelligence. Appearing as a great dire wolf, standing on all fours taller and more muscular than those that frequent mountain passes or the deep forest. Animal form allows the Fen to move quickly through forest terrain and over rolling hills at double the rate of their other forms.
No additional bonuses or penalties. 5 Faith to Transform

+2 to all Strength-based skills

-2 to all Intelligence-based skills




Natural attacks as dual-form combining claws and bite.

5 Faith to Transform

+2 to all Agility-based skills

-2 to all Intelligence-based skills




Run at double speed at the cost of two Stamina per hour.

Items meld during transformation, taking a standard action. Should stamina be exhausted while in another form, the character will revert to their humanoid appearance and gain the exhausted condition. Players will need to assign skill points to Combat – Dual Form, Claws, and Bite to maximize their Hybrid form, use the skills as untrained, or continue using their trained weapons in Hybrid form.