The following list is not intended to be complete, but merely a starting-point for most fantasy settings.

One Handed Blades

Bastard Sword A hand-and-a-half sword of great strength, used for slashing and piercing.
Battle Axe A large often-ornate and often-double-sided axe on a metal shaft.
Falcata A single-edged strong short sword with a slight bend halfway along its length.
Handaxe An axe with a metal head mounted atop either a wooden or metal shaft.
Gladius An exceptionally short single-edged sword used by some to great effect.
Katana A razor-sharp single-edged sword often used with controlled slashing motions.
Longsword A double-edged single-handed weapon often as long as a character’s legs.
Rapier A thin edge-less piercing weapon often used to inflict precise wounds.
Sabre Often a single-edged slashing and piercing weapon with a slight curve.
Scimitar A curved single-edged sabre used with slicing motions to great effect.
Shortsword Double-edged, this sword is typically no more than the length of ones arm.
Sickle A curled single-edge weapon sharpened to a point, useful for gardening.
Wakizashi A short straight single-edged weapon often used for close quarters combat.

Two Handed Blades

Claymore A two-handed sword typically stowed across the back due to its enormous size.
Greatsword A heavy double-edged two-handed sword typically as long as its user is tall.
Greataxe A heavy double-sided metal axe head atop a thick metal handle.
Falchion A thick-bodied single-edged sword with a flame-shaped cutting edge at its tip.
Scythe Not just for farming anymore! A large metal blade attached at an angle to a shaped two-handed wooden staff. What the Grim Reaper supposedly uses.

One Handed Blunt

Blackjack (Sap) A reinforced leather pouch filled with a heavy weight used to inflict non-lethal damage, such as knocking someone out.
Brass Knuckles A molded often-solid piece of brass or similar metal made to fit one’s knuckles.
Club It might’ve been a table leg at once… now it’s a club!
(War)Hammer A hammer, often with a sharp spike on the opposite side and a metal handle.
Mace A club-like weapon made of metal with a weighted end and a long handle.
Morningstar A club-like weapon with spikes, bumps or similar on the weighted striking end.

Two Handed Blunt

Heavy Mace A reinforced club-like weapon with an oversized weight on the striking end.
Quarterstaff A staff or save typically three-quarters as tall as its user, often made of wood.


Glaive A long polearm or staff with a single-edged blade at the top.
Lucerne Hammer A pole with a hammer on one side opposite an edge and topped with a spike.
Spear A balanced pole topped with a piercing tip. Thrown or used at range.

Close Range Blades

Dagger A small often double-edged handheld blade no longer than ones’ forearm.
Cestus A punching dagger held by placing ones’ knuckles through the hilt.
Kukri A small single-edged blade that appears as a smaller Falcata.

Thrown Weapons

Dagger, Throwing A dagger of often-exceptional balance, used primarily for throwing.
Dart A small-bodied projectile with a needle tip. Blown or thrown.


Bolas A section of rope or netting that has been weighted on two sides. Intended to entangle a target when thrown.
Whip Typically made of leather and capable of dealing lethal and non-lethal damage.

Martial Arts

Boxing A pair of weighted and reinforced leather gloves. Adrian!
Street-fighting A style of fighting – you are the weapon.


Longbow A bow suitable for long range with great power, often as tall as its user.
Shortbow A shorter bow suitable for short to medium range with good power.
Composite Bow A short bow that makes use of pulleys to increase range and power.

Archery, Mechanical

Crossbow, Hand Before there were pistols, there were hand crossbows. Typically single shot. These weapons are often concealable and as such are a popular choice for spies.
Crossbow, Light An easy-to-crank medium range crossbow. Can be fired one-handed.
Crossbow, Heavy Much harder to wield, heavy crossbows offer more power and range.