Untitled is an open system, meaning that it supports many possible settings. Some players may elect to educate their characters in one or more professions: these are typically trade skills that may help a player center their character by giving them a job or trade. Here is a list of common professions one might find in a typical fantasy setting:

Skill Name Attribute Description or Purpose
Baker Intelligence You make a mean apple pie!
Blacksmithing Vigor You can make stuff… out of metal!
Carpentry Vigor You can make stuff… out of wood!
Herbalism Intelligence You know your way around the garden.
Husbandry Intelligence You know how to properly care for animals.
Leatherworking Strength You can make stuff… out of animals!
Stonecraft Vigor You can make stuff… out of stone!
Shipwright Intelligence You can build a boat that might actually float!

For a longer list of trades, professions and academia check out the Skills section.