Starting Roles
Everyone starts somewhere, so-to every player must choose a background for their character. At the beginning of a campaign or their individual story, how did your character become involved? What were they doing?

As you consider your character’s unique backstory, keep in mind as well that many societies were governed by a socioeconomic class or caste system and many factors, even the order you were born in (first born, only child, middle child of twelve, etc.), may affect your use-of some choices. Remember that not everyone can be royalty, nobility or even a learned member of society and that sometimes the most epic of heroes rise from the ashes amidst great adversity.

Aside from generalities, your Storyteller should provide you with clues during character creation as to how society operates within the campaign setting for your particular adventure. If your Storyteller chooses to use starting roles, they may also provide bonus currency, skill points in specific skills, or they could be merely flavor text.

If desired you may use a single ten-sided die to randomly select a starting role or you may pick one from the list that most closely matches your character’s backstory. As a reminder these are merely starting points based on your character’s life story up to this point and are intended to allow you to start playing quickly, these are not classes. Think of them as a backdrop that adds a bit of additional story to your character’s journey up to this point.

# Role Synonyms or Examples
1 Generalist Farmer, Tradesfolk
2 Urchin Beggar, Thief, Collector
3 Explorer Adventurer, Survivalist, Wanderer
4 Martialist Fighter, Sellsword, Knight or Militia Member
5 Trader Tradesfolk, Merchant
6 Telltale Bards, Historian, Wanderer
7 Scholar Teacher, Historian, Academic
8 Healer Alchemist, Priest, Herbalist
9 Diplomat Academic, Peacemaker, Negotiator
10 Select Choose any from the list or make your own.