Party Development
This section is intended to outline the process of further character development which is optional, but may assist with party development and unity within the campaign ahead.

Spend some time describing your character…
Were there traumatic events that conspired to give your character some grizzly scars? Did they live a scholarly life and rarely leave the library, leaving them pale and afraid of the sun? What sets your character apart in a room full of others of their race? What’s unique about them?

What keeps your character awake at night?
Are they in trouble? Is there a particular issue in the land that troubles them? This can be a personal, political or other issue but it should be something that impacts your character. It can also be a personal goal, ambition or quest.

Start your adventure!
Given the setting your Storyteller has explained, try to describe in a paragraph what your character has been doing lately. How did they get involved in the story? Have they? Where do they find themselves right now? Was there an event?

In the space provided, try and come up with a one sentence summary of what your character is doing or what their motivation is at the onset of the story. Are they out to reclaim their family’s honor, purge the land of goblins, find the key to that cave in the mountain or are they just out for a Sunday stroll?

The game of Untitled is intended to be played as a group with at-least two players and a Storyteller, though generally the more the merrier. With that in mind, think about the characters you see developing around you. Has your character run in with any of them in the past? Did they share the same orphanage? Grow up in the same town? Did they meet at university or on a sea voyage? Did they work together on a heist or did one of them arrest the other?

This step is optional but should be encouraged as it allows players to associate their characters and give one another past events and recollections before the story even begins! There is room enough on each character sheet for two intersections and players should be encouraged to fill them both out. If the Storyteller wants to randomize things a bit, they might let you pick one of the two and then randomize the second one with dice roles.