While many societies have a unified Trade or common language, many also have local languages and dialects that are unique to the native culture. In Untitled, the skill that determines a character’s ability to learn multiple languages, or decipher and send hidden messages, is Linguistics. Character my study and learn one additional language for every one skill point spent in the skill.

Skill Name Attribute Description or Purpose
Linguistics Intelligence You are a polyglot! Congrats.


Example languages may include, but are not limited to, the following:

Common Trade language of the realm   Celestial Language of The Creator
Elven Silken and eloquent   Draconic Language of The First Ones
Dwarven Robust and hardy, but it flows   Abyssal Language of The Fallen Ones
Sylvan Language of the Ancients   Vol Language of the Volarthi
Orc A gruff guttural language   Crol’al Language of the Kultharr