Non-Player Characters (NPCs)
Just like the characters that players create, non-player characters or NPCs are simply characters that the Storyteller plays in a given situation. This term can refer to simple inhabitants of your world such as the mayor of a town in which player characters find themselves; a humble innkeeper, a sultry servant or an obnoxious crow that keeps showing up to jeer at your party. But NPCs also includes named characters important to the story being told, whether good or adversarial.

As a storyteller, you may even prefer to create your own character to adventure beside your players. However, storytellers should be careful not to have that character become a wellspring of information, and act more as a utility to make up for certain needed skills or aspects that the party lacks (such as a healer).

In Untitled, NPCs are created the same way a player character is and the Storyteller keeps their character sheets in the reference material for the campaign. In some cases, such as when an NPC has a deeper background than initially known, the Storyteller may choose to add the total number of skill points spent to the character’s Health in order to bolster the character.