Base 8, Intelligence +2, Darkvision

Kitsune are vulpine shapeshifters and are known for their love of trickery, languages and fine art. They are known to be collectors of odd bits and baubles, and in some cases fill mansions full of books, paintings and tapestries. Despite an almost irrepressible penchant for deception, Kitsune prize loyalty and make true companions. They delight in the arts, particularly riddles and storytelling, and are known to settle in clans, taking their wisdom from both the living and spirits.

Life, Longevity, and Language
Reproduction is the same as with humans with two biological sexes, live birth and milk to feed their young but this is where similarities fade. Kitsune are often thought immortal and, barring injuries, are known to be exceedingly long-lived. While actual written records are few, at-least one kingdom who claimed a Kitsune as an advisor, recorded their assistance for well-over ten human generations.

They are said to gain a tail for every hundred years of life, though they may choose whether or not to show their true number of tails. Sadly, Kitsune rarely reach veneration, many dying of injuries sustained during feats of curiosity or bouts of adventuring.

Kitsune are generally thought well-of, being at war with no one and always paying their debts… or finding ways out of paying them.

Racial Traits and Abilities
Kitsune are natural shapeshifters and possess three forms natively: one of human-like quality with often attractive features, one of an anthropomorphic fox and one of a feral fox. The latter two forms typically take on coloring of the eyes and fur that sets them apart from their mortal cousins, though they are no fools and can alter their appearance ever so slightly in all three forms as to blend into their environment.

Humanoid Hybrid Animal
Appearing human, though often young with childlike features, other-worldly eye colors and oddly pale or dark skin tone. Kitsune in this form appear as if a human-sized fox were to have stood up and walked on their hind legs. Aside from a slightly elongated torso and shorter legs, Kitsune in this form are able to wear most clothes without alteration. Kitsune may also appear to have one or more tails in this form. In this form, Kitsune appear as a regular sized fox, though many choose to display unnatural eye and fur colors to stand out from among their common cousins. Kitsune may also appear to have one or more tails in this form.
+2 to Obfuscation, when used to hide their true nature from others. +1 to Intuition

-1 to Intimidation

+1 to Stealth


Run at double speed at the cost of 2 Stamina per hour.


Kitsune may maintain their forms indefinitely and are able to shift between their three forms effortlessly, though doing-so is a standard action. All equipped items are blended into the transformation. If a Kitsune is killed, they typically revert to their Hybrid form with their true number of tails displayed.