Core Skills
Core skills are a set of seventeen general knowledge skills that just about anyone could learn.

Skill Name Attribute Description or Purpose
Acrobatics Agility You like to jump around a lot!
Appraise Intelligence You are good with numbers.
Climbing Agility You can climb things!
Diplomacy Intelligence You are good at talking to people.
First Aid Intelligence You can triage a situation and apply basic first aid.
Intimidation Strength You’ll see it my way… or else!
Intuition Virtue You are good at sensing what others cannot.
Investigation Intelligence You catch details more quickly than others.
Local Knowledge Intelligence You have heard local and regional news and events.
Navigation Intelligence You gain your bearings more easily.
Obfuscation Intelligence You are good at hiding your intentions or the facts.
Perception Intelligence You see your surroundings plainly.
Riding Agility You are skilled at riding horses!
Rope Strength You are good with rope and knots!
Stealth Agility You are good at sneaking around and hiding!
Survival Vigor You are adept at using your surroundings.
Swimming Vigor You can swim better than others!