The Alatari
The Alatari peoples are anthropomorphic humanoids of two very different but linked species, those that serve the day (Dia) and those who serve the night (Nox). Those who serve the day possess the form of anthropomorphic birds, appearing to be the combination of man and raven. Those who serve the night possess the form of an anthropomorphic bat, appearing to be the combination of a man and a giant bat.

While neither race can fly, each have a coat of feathers or fur and those of the night have a wing-like membrane along their arms that attaches to their torso As one might imagine this can make shopping for clothes cumbersome, though those of the night have adopted unique solutions to these challenges; by adopting split tabards and belts, those of the night are able to appear dressed. The thin wing-like membrane allows those of the night to glide for short distances or to slow an otherwise deadly fall.

Those of the day have no wings and can wear most clothing and items intended for humans without issue, though their lack of ears, generally feathered skin and elongated beak show their heritage rather distinctly and make the use of some items (such as earrings) problematic.

At the heart of the intrigue surrounding the Alatari peoples lies a tenuous truce brought together by their leaders after acknowledging that neither side could bare further losses. Facing extinction, those of the day and the night came together to form a society of creatures on the outskirts of The Tribes of Man. Over time they integrated well with humans and other races.

Variety and Ecology
Those of the day, the Dia, prefer to live among the trees in groups of shelters that span multiple trees.

Those of the night, the Nox, tend to be more nomadic and are often reluctant to build permanent structures. They instead opt to live among the thick canopy of trees or in dark caves, though some have been seen setting down more human-like roots.

Both have adopted the common trade language of their homelands and are able to speak it and other languages fluently. Their ancestral languages have been all but lost to time.

Life and Longevity
Despite their outward appearances, both the children of the day and the night are viviparous, meaning that they give birth to live young just as humans and others in The Tribes of Man do.

Religion and Philosophy
The Alatari peoples have retained their attachment to, belief in and adoration of The Creator. There are those who have chosen to believe other teachings, but they are the exception not the rule.

Alatari Dia
Base 8, Intelligence +2, Virtue +2
Bird-like members of the Alatari peoples. A human-sized bird that walks upright, possessing a bill, hands at the end of their wings, and tail feathers that appear from beneath their tunics.

Alatari Nox
Base 8, Agility +2, +1 Stealth, +1 Perception
Bat-like members of the Alatari peoples. A human-sized bat that walks upright, possessing a dog-like face, hands at the end of leathery wings, and a small fur-covered or rat-like tail.