Untitled is a game of skills and advancing or leveling-up is done at an individual skill level.

Your Storyteller may choose to give players additional skill points for extraordinary achievements, clearing a dungeon, solving a riddle, achieving a milestone they had defined in their story, or just as a reward at the end of the night. How, how many and when is entirely up to your Storyteller.

Advancing Skills
As you and your character adventure, you can expect to gain additional insight and valuable experience in the form of skill points that may be spent. You may apply skill points however you wish, but every skill has a controlling attribute or CA that establishes the maximum skill level or SL you can achieve.

Skills are advanced by spending skill points to purchase additional skill levels in a specific proficiency.

As you increase your skill level, you will also notice that it becomes more expensive to advance as you climb the ladder. Purchasing a skill level in the Novice category can be done for face value, costing only a single skill point per advancement. However advancing into the Journeyman category begins to cost two skill points per skill level and the cost goes up from there.

Skill Level 1-4 5-10 11-15 16-18 19-20 21+
Skill Tier Novice Journeyman Expert Master Grandmaster Legendary
Skill Dice 2d6 2d8 2d10 2d12 3d10 Storyteller
Cost Per Level 1 each 2 each 3 each 4 each 5 each Storyteller

The table below can be used as a quick reference to determine the cost to advance any given skill in individual ranks, and the total amount of skill points required to advance a skill to a desired level.

Skill Level Cost Per Total Cost Skill Tier   Skill Level Cost Per Total Cost Skill Tier
1 1 1 Novice   13 3 25 Expert
2 1 2 Novice   14 3 28 Expert
3 1 3 Novice   15 3 31 Expert
4 1 4 Novice   16 4 35 Master
5 2 6 Journeyman   17 4 39 Master
6 2 8 Journeyman   18 4 43 Master
7 2 10 Journeyman   19 5 48 Grandmaster
8 2 12 Journeyman   20 5 53 Grandmaster
9 2 14 Journeyman   21 6 59 Legendary
10 2 16 Journeyman   22 6 65 Legendary
11 3 19 Expert   23 6 71 Legendary
12 3 22 Expert   24 6 77 Legendary

If a player wishes to advance an existing character skill that is currently at skill level four, the cost of skill level five is two skill points. If the player was on the other hand creating a new character or purchasing skill level five outright, without any previous skill points spent in the skill, the total cost to achieve skill level five would be six skill points.

As characters advance in skill levels, they also advance in skill tiers. Each skill tier is tied to a different proficiency category (Novice, Journeyman, Expert, etc.) and dice set. Legendary (21+) skill levels are often found only in mighty creatures and incredible foes, and operate only at the discretion of the Storyteller.