Generating and Assigning Attributes
The first step in creating a character is two determine the character’s race. All playable races have a base number as a starting-point for the five attributes, as well as bonuses or adjustments specific to that race, which must be taken into account as the final scores are tallied.

Once a race is chosen, and these numbers identified, we will begin by gathering a notepad, four six-sided dice (4d6), a pencil and a copy of the character sheet for each player.

1. Write down the base number for the race and any racial modifiers for ease of reference.

Example: As a human, your character will have a base of eight and may add one to any two attributes.

2. Roll the four six-sided dice, keeping only the two lowest numbers and add them together.

Example: If the dice read 5, 4, 3, 1 face-up, we will add the 3 and 1 together for a value of 4.

3. Write this number down and repeat this process until you have five numbers.

4. Next we will decide where to assign each of these numbers on our five base attributes. Ask your Storyteller if there are any house rules, but in general these numbers may be assigned to any attribute in any order.

The only rule is that the value for ‘Virtue’ must be at-least ten when all is said and done.


Attribute Race Base Dice Roll (2L4d6) Race Modifiers Result
Strength 8 9 0 17
Agility 8 4 +1 13
Intelligence 8 3 +1 12
Virtue 8 2 0 10
Vigor 8 7 0 15

With these numbers we can begin to calculate other numbers necessary to play the game.

5. We will start by adding your character’s value for Strength and Vigor together, yielding the starting value for your character’s Health pool. If you spend skill points in Character Qualities, you may also add the skill level of each quality to your character’s Health pool.

6. We will then add Agility and Vigor together, yielding the starting value for your character’s Stamina pool.

7. And finally, we will add Virtue and Intelligence together to determine the starting value for your character’s Faith pool.

Once these key attributes have been determined, we very nearly have a playable character but what experiences has The Creator brought into this character’s life? The next step will be to consider a Phobia and then define the skills they have at their disposal.