Incapacitation and Death
A character is considered ‘falling’ when they reach zero Health and, if not healed before the start of their next turn, will become incapacitated. An incapacitated character is still able to move at half their assigned speed and may perform a withdrawal or standard action as normal, but may not participate in combat until their Health is restored above zero.

If a character continues to take damage while incapacitated, they are considered unconscious and unable to act by themselves at negative half of their Vigor attribute value and are considered dead should their Health drop below negative Vigor.

If a player character has 14 Vigor, they are unconscious at negative seven and dead at negative fourteen Health.

A character may be resuscitated during or directly after combat if healed by a Constructor, or made to imbibe a potion that restores them to at-least one Health point. If character is dead with negative fourteen Health, they must be healed for at-least fifteen points to regain consciousness.

If a character has been dead for more than one hour, they are considered lost and may not be revived by conventional means. The Storyteller will have sole discretion on whether they may be brought back.

If it is determined that a character may be brought back from the dead, a Constructor with skill points in Growth may attempt to breathe life into the dead character anew. The Constructor must be an open Constructor with at-least as many skill points spent in Growth as the negative Health of the dead.

If a player character has negative fourteen Health, a Constructor must have spent at-least fourteen skill points in Constructor, Growth. Note that this is skill points spent, not skill levels.

The Constructor attempting this miracle must have a full Faith pool with no negative effects or impairments. A percentage die is used to determine the effectiveness of the attempt, and the Constructor may add their skill level as a bonus to the role. A success is anything above fifty percent.

In the attempt, they will consume their entire Faith pool and gain the exhausted condition regardless of success. If successful, the Constructor will also take Health damage equivalent to the negative Health of the dead; even if doing-so renders them unconscious or dead themselves.

The character being returned to life will be assessed a skill point penalty equal to their negative Health, meaning that they lose one skill point for each negative Health point. At the option of the Storyteller, a character may be assessed an additional penalty of up-to one skill point per hour they are dead. A character may not lose more skill points than they have.

Aside from the player contracting a disease such as Vampirism, there is no primary mechanic that a player character may become or remain undead. This decision is left to the Storyteller for their specific campaign.